Patent images show what the first Lotus SUV could look like; on-road bias is apparent

Images of the 2021 Lotus SUV have been discovered online, showing what the now Geely-owned brand has in mind for the first high-riding model in its history.

The model bears the design hallmarks of the Evora and Elise, albeit on a raised, chunky body, with dramatic design lines across the sides of the car’s body. The images first surfaced on Chinese car site PCAuto.

From first appearances, the narrow gaps between the wheels and body suggest little suspension travel or articulation - further confirming that it’ll be focused on-road performance, like the Porsche Macan, rather than a more rugged appeal like the Ariel Nomad.

Following reports that the brand will take some production to China, it’s likely that the brand’s first SUV will be built there, given the market’s importance and the SUV’s likely popularity there.

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales confirmed that the SUV would handle “like nothing else” and will maintain the brand’s lightweight, aerodynamic focus. Gales referred to the car as a crossover rather than an SUV, though, further suggesting an on-road focus.

Although Lotus has a relatively small 1500-unit annual volume, compared with Porsche’s 240,000 sales per year, the SUV will undoubtedly help to close the cap.

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27 October 2017

Jaguar meets SEAT by the looks of it. But if lightness and handling are in the mix, then the Lotus badge shoudl live on.

27 October 2017

That front is lifted straight out of Jaguar's designs.    I know the rest will be form following function, but if I didn't know it was Lotus I'd have said it was one of those Chinese copies.


27 October 2017

Yes we can see a hint of Elise in the tail lights and the long and low profile, for an SUV, but it isn't outstanding. The only saving grace is it isn't eye bleedingly ugly as many other small, medium and large SUVs seem to think makes them look the part.

27 October 2017

Looks like a Kia to me.

27 October 2017

Jaguar called, they want their front grille back.

27 October 2017

and suddely it's just a hatchback with 4WD, like the new BMW x2 is. Nice try though. I hope it can be seriously lightweight, true to the Lotus tradition, perhaps even under 1300 kg or so.

27 October 2017

I really have a soft spot for Lotus and hope Geely respect them in the same way they do Volvo, but a side of me thinks this will be a return of "Handling by Lotus" badging on an rebodied platform..

ex boy scout, engineer and all round geek.....

28 October 2017

Bin it and spend the money on developing a car.

I don't need to put my name here, it's on the left


28 October 2017
The grill is the same shape as that on the 3-eleven and other Lotus' if a little deeper because it's got a taller front. So not understanding the Jaguar grille comments,although appreciate they aren't entirely dissimilar. I think for a sporty SUV it looks great. The side windows and fuel filler are very reminiscent of the 70s Lotus Elite. Would have preferred Lotus to build a lighter and sportier A5 and A7 rival though!

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