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Lotus will build 30 examples of the 'ultimate' version of the Elise, the Cup 260, which has 44% more downforce than the Cup 250

Lotus has revealed its latest special edition model, the Lotus Elise Cup 260, which it describes as the ‘ultimate' version of its sports car. Just 30 examples will be built.

With 250bhp on tap from the 1.8-litre four-cylinder supercharged engine and a kerbweight of 902kg, the Elise Cup 260 can accelerate from 0-62mph in 4.2sec, on to a top speed of 151mph.

It’s derived from the Elise Race 250, which is the most hardcore, non-road-legal version of the Elise, and comes after the 240bhp, 917kg Elise Cup 250

Where it differs to the 250, however, is the increase in power and downforce. A 10bhp power hike may sound insignificant but it's combined with a 15kg weight loss compared with the Cup 250. The Cup 260 also produces an additional 44% of downforce, at 180kg.

The lightweight carbonfibre components offered on the Cup 250 are standard on the Cup 260, as are the majority of options offered on the 250. That car was dubbed by Lotus 'the purest four-cylinder Lotus yet', and is slower to 60mph than the 260 by 0.1sec. 

The Cup 260's 'advanced aerodynamics' includes louvred front wheel arch vents, a large rear wing developed from that of the Lotus 3-Eleven track day car and a redesigned front clam panel with wider apertures.

The Cup 260 can be identified by a laurel wreath decal on its rear buttress and Union Flags on the ends of its rear wing. 

Prices start at a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS-rivalling £59,500, but this could easily rise, with options including a £4000 titanium exhaust, a £3000 carbonfibre hardtop and a £400 two-speaker stereo with Bluetooth.

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gussy51 20 October 2017

I think they are...

Rover Metro mirrors from about 1990. I agree that they could do with an update on the next car though!
BertoniBertone 20 October 2017

Wing Mirror history....

Yes, I know: it's a bit anal....but exactly how old are those wing mirrors by now ?  I've not done huge research but weren't they off a Citreon....?  May an AX-GT ?  For £ 60K, could one have some newer mirrors, pretty please Lotus ?