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New performance SUV's design was first previewed by last year's Q8 Sport Concept; it will use a 429bhp diesel V8
Sam Sheehan
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9 July 2018

Audi is readying the first performance version of its new Q8 SUV, the SQ8, for launch this December.

The SQ8 will use a 429bhp 4.0-litre V8 diesel engine, shared with the SQ7, instead of the hybrid V6 powertrain that Audi hinted at with the Q8 Sport Concept of 2017.

Autocar understands this set-up was chosen because demand for diesel power in this sector is still strong, despite the fuel type's overall decline in recent months. However, a 3.0 TFSI V6 version of the SQ8 will be offered in some markets where demand for hot petrol SUVs is higher, such as the US.

Audi Q8 2018 review

The Q8 Sport Concept did at least provide an insight into the performance Audi expects from its first performance Q8. The concept was claimed to produce 469bhp and 516lb ft, enabling a claimed 0-62mph time of 4.7sec and a top speed of 171mph. The diesel-powered SQ8's small deficit should provide it with performance just shy of that.

The SQ8 looks set to get a quad-exit exhaust system and larger-diameter wheels than the standard Q8. It will use height adjustable air suspension, tuned to offer enhanced body control, and could come with active anti-roll bars powered by the car's 48V electronic architecture.

This set-up will also be employed by the only Q8 model to overtake the SQ8, the RSQ8, which is due next year with a circa-670bhp hybrid V8 powertrain that's also used in the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.


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When sales for the new Q8 kick off later this summer, prices will start from around £65,000. The SQ8 could therefore start from close to £80,000, leaving space for the RSQ8 to begin from just under £100,000, aligning it with the BMW X6 M.

The arrival of the Q8 range grows Audi's SUV range to five models. Currently, it features the Q2, Q3, Q5 and Q7. It could one day gain a Q9, which Autocar understands is under consideration as a future Range Rover rival.

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19 September 2017

With BMW about to produce a X7 and Mercedes already doing the GLS I wonder whether Audi will follow suit and produce a Q9. Unless that class of SUV is already covered within the VW Group by the Bentayga, albeit being a pricier competitor in the class.

19 September 2017

Round our way someone's chopped (put it on it's bump stops) a Q7, if nothing else it's certainly attention grabbing.

19 September 2017

needs to be 5.5 metres long and be a bit more boxier than the Q7 and have that great quality  trademark dashboard that looks dead  -hit boring.

20 September 2017
Just my opinion but does the world need another over-sized, over-powered, over-priced SUV in which overtly-egotistical owners can declare their importance, whilst attempting to defy the laws of physics.
Seriously, how small does your codwangle need to be to contemplate buying one of these things??


20 September 2017 one can't blame manufacturers from mining there.

9 July 2018

Of course the world doesn’t need this. Absolute joke of a car. My fear is that such grossly irresponsible consumption is just going to make it easier for law makers to legislate away our freedoms.

9 July 2018

So the SQ8 will use a 429 BHP diesel. This is so behind the times, compared to an Jaguar I PACE this car is in the dark ages. I would get a high spec I PACE which is faster, much cheaper to buy and run, had an innovative design and much greener to boot....

9 July 2018

Yet another mega SUV to come charging up behind you and make a dangerous overtake!, most of these things are driven by pushy no time to waste a Drivers , and what purpose are they really used for? Certainly isn’t climbing muddy Roads or towing come to think of it I haven’t ever seen one towing anything!

9 July 2018

....made by Caterpillar.....

9 July 2018

Still think it's too small to squeeze the driver and their ego into...Just what the world needed, another oversized piece of automotive intimidation garnished with a generous dose of arrogance....


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