Currently reading: Aston Martin plots super-exclusive Speedster inspired by Le Mans
Just 88 of the 690bhp models will be made, costing at least £750,000 each when they go on sale next year
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8 January 2020

Aston Martin will build a new, ultra-limited-run V12 Speedster model inspired by the brand’s 1959 Le Mans-winning racer.

AND HERE IT IS: New Aston Martin Speedster is exclusive V12 two-seater

The Speedster is set to make its debut later this year before first customer deliveries at the start of 2021 and has only been previewed in a design sketch so far.

The image shows the brand’s traditional race-inspired design cues, including the absence of a roof and windscreen, plus bespoke bodywork all-round, and displays clear links to Aston’s 2013 CC100 speedster concept, which was created to celebrate the maker’s centenary year.

The V12 Speedster has been created by Aston’s in-house bespoke ‘Q by Aston Martin’ division and is said to “elegantly combine an authentic, driver-orientated sports car with the use of cutting-edge motorsport and aviation technology to deliver a stunning, two-seat enthusiast driving machine”.

Only 88 will be hand-built to order, and while no price has been released, it is understood that each car will cost from at least £750,000.

Technical details remain minimal, but the V12 Speedster will be powered by Aston’s 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 with around 690bhp and 515lb ft. It will be mated to a ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic gearbox. It’s the same powertrain as that used by the DBS Superleggera supercar, albeit slightly detuned, so expect the Speedster’s underpinnings to also be shared with that car.

The V12 Speedster comes just a few months after Ferrari launched its similarly designed Monza SP1 and SP2. The roofless Italians – offering seating for one or two respectively – will be built in numbers up to 500, depending on demand, and have been offered to select collectors at a price in the region of £2.3 million. Those cars use an 809bhp 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12.


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8 January 2020

I love it so beautiful and so original 

thank you Aston Martin for leading the industry again and don't do anything the Chinese firm do but copying others' design. Wonderful car. Makes me proud to be British again 

hang on 

just googling around I found out 

Aston Martin is not a British firm anymore 

the design is a knock off from Ferrari and 

this is exactly what the Chinese firm have been accused of doing 

Mac Laren is has never been a British firm ..

dam ... am I dreaming , drunk or is this a nightmare .....

8 January 2020

Quite apart from the fact that Aston have been avoiding copying others for as long as I can remember.

McLaren is a British company.

No Chinese firm has ever done an open top speedster to my knowledge.

And actually, Aston came up with the CC100 before anyone else, so cars like the McLaren Elva and the Ferrari Monza SP1 & 2 are spin offs.

In any case, each one of them looks different, drives different, and is different.

8 January 2020
... is going to be STUNNING.

8 January 2020

There's simply too many special edition cars coming through at the million pound mark that you can see it affecting the used prices.   They're no longer holding their values like they used to.


Cars like the Enzo used to hold their value and only ever go up.   But with so many of these special editions there isn't the demand, the exclusivity, any longer that the whole segment has slumped.   Consider the McLaren Senna, once you couldn't get one for £1.6 million, now easily for £800k.   Halfed in less than a year.   Their P1 peaked at a similar price, now just over a million.


And with Marek Reichman designing disaster after disaster at Aston Martin this is yet another car too far.   The news Aston needs to be publishing is that they've replaced their designer and he's fixing their core products.   If they don't do this today then they also need a new CEO who will.


8 January 2020

Blundering and desperate 


8 January 2020

Bearing in mind that, just yesterday, Autocar were telling us that investor talks were continuing, isn't this just the automotive equivalent of a brothel parading it's women before the assembled, probably drunk, businessmen?

They might think they went off with a Scarlett Johansson look-a-like, but may well sober up next to an Ann Widdecombe.  


8 January 2020
The Colonel wrote:

They might think they went off with a Scarlett Johansson look-a-like, but may well sober up next to an Ann Widdecombe. 


Oh, that was brutal!   But I did laugh at the horror of that image!   Need a bath even thinking about that to get myself clean...


I do fear this is Aston trying to deflect from what they should be doing - sacking their designer.


Just the other day they were launching more Aston Martin appartments!  Then soon afterwards a helicopter!


8 January 2020

Between this, the Elva and the SP2 - and probably something that Lotus will end up doing as well

8 January 2020

Your Fucking adverts are driving me mad (pun intended)

8 January 2020
perpmick wrote:

Your Fucking adverts are driving me mad (pun intended)

A friend got viruses via the on-line adverts on the Daily Mail site.   She got in trouble with her company for infecting her work computer.


And those adverts kill the performance of your computer too.


I run an ad-blocker for those reasons.   I don't mind a bit of advertising, when it's safe and doesn't gobble up resources, but some of these sites become unreadable with them that I stop visiting.



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