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Autocar pits two classics against each other; see the full picture gallery

This week, Autocar pits the classic Ferrari F40 against its spiritual successor, the Ferrari F430.

Autocar's senior contributing writer Andrew Frankel rates the F40 as the most exciting car he's ever driven - and you can watch his video comparison of the Ferrari F40 and F430 by clicking here.

Frankel says: "If you could show me someone who reckons the Ferrari F40 is not the most exciting supercar ever to grace the public road, there’s a good chance I could show you someone who’s not driven one.

You can see the full gallery of images from our test by clicking here.

"It’s an enormous claim when to make it means excluding the McLaren F1, Bugatti Veyron and other supercars all far faster than the F40, but among those few lucky people I know who’ve driven the majority of these cars, I believe a majority of them would still name the 20-year-old Ferrari as the one."

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Download the Ferrari F430 v Ferrari F40 wallpaper here.

You can also read the full story of Andrew Frankel's comparison in this week's copy of Autocar magazine.

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TomDuffey 14 October 2018


I like this type of car even since my childhood. I remember how great it was to see something like that in the magazines.  And click to find out more the interesting information on the various topics.