Only 'zero emission-capable' vehicles to be exempt from London C-Charge; even EVs will no longer be exempt by 2025
20 December 2018

Vehicles without plug-in capability will no longer be exempt from London's Congestion Charge under new plans, set to come into force in April.

The first phase of a new Cleaner Vehicle Discount (CVD) scheme, replacing the Ultra Low Emission Discount, will see only 'zero emission-capable' vehicles - such as plug-in hybrids or EVs - to be exempt from the £11.50-a-day charge.

Private hire vehicles (PHVs), such as those operated by Uber and Addison Lee, will also have to start paying after a public consulation supported a change in the rules. The changes will coincide with the introduction of the 24-hour Ultra Low Emission Zone in London, and are expected to see around 8000 fewer PHVs on the city's streets each day. 

Analysing the UK Government's plan to tackle NOx emissions

Restrictions will tighten further by 2021, when only pure-EVs will be eligible for discount, while by 2025 the C-Charge discount will expire altogether. The move is aimed at improving air quality, which has been a hotly debated topic recently.

The proposals, brought in by Transport for London under Mayor Sadiq Khan, also target operators of diesel taxis, which a recent study has shown are responsible for 20% of harmful NOx emissions in the city. 

New diesel cabs are banned from being licensed from the capital, and have been since the start of 2018, but a 15-year age limit on current cabs will be introduced next year. A number of grants, including LPG conversion grants for Euro 5 taxis and an 'enhanced delicensing fund', allow for up to £10,000 of the cost of a new cab for drivers who trade in their older vehicles. 

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20 December 2018

  Have to start to get back all the lost revenue from not having a Fossil fuelled Carsten Tax in the future, you didn’t think Ev’s we’re going to be cheap to run forever did you...?

Peter Cavellini.

20 December 2018
Good to see someone has got their thinking cap on and has decided to do something about the diesel taxis in the city centres. The sooner the better.

20 December 2018

It is fair that Toyota hybrids no longer be exempt as they also pollute. The aim to cap to a minimum cars running into London is the right move.

20 December 2018

Maybe there will be lots of Prius cars hitting the used market in a few months' time. A bargain for some?

It would be a shame if it makes it more difficult to hail an Uber.

24 December 2018

That's a nice move from the government.  This is a step to protect air and safe the ecology. If you want to read more about air protection visit Also it should change the situation with diesel taxis.  

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