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For only the second time in 15 years, Autocar chooses the most gorgeous cars that have ever been made
Richard Bremner Autocar
1 min read
29 April 2017

Fifteeen years have passed since Autocar assembled its original ‘100 Most Beautiful Cars’ list, and new cars have also been launched in this fresh century at a frenetic rate.

Today’s regulations create interesting challenges, but do they get in the way of beauty? And have ideas of automotive beauty changed in the past 15 years? Autocar’s Richard Bremner investigates in the photo gallery above, with guest appearances from our other experts.

Click the gallery above, and feast your eyes

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HazwoldV8 7 July 2020

Theres a difference between nice and beautiful

just so you knwo...................... plenty of nice cars but only a hanfull are beautifull

cardesigners 13 December 2017

Design Psychology

The fundamental question is what is beautiful ? the CDN article "Are Beautiful Cars Really a Thing of the Past?"  does give a hint that it is all subjective and it is rather a Psychology topic rather than a technical one... 

TheBeckettDiaries 16 May 2017


Out of these 100 cars, I can say with complete certainty that some Volvo Cars are more beautiful than approximately 80% of these already listed.
There's, of course, the P1800, the new XC90, V90, S90, XC60 and V40.
Personally, I love every Volvo Car, but those few are models which I know for a fact that many others adore too.