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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up this week's gossip from across the automotive industry

This week's gossip from the automotive industry has news of Jaguar's F-Type SVR struggle to surpass 200mph, Ferrari's consumer statistics, Audi's TT range and Volvo hybrids.

F-Type SVR challenge 

Making the Jaguar F-Type SVR into a 200mph car was a “significant challenge”, according to Special Vehicle Operations director Mark Stanton, “but one the engineers all loved”.

It was tricky to balance the aerodynamic needs for reducing drag and lift, he said. A large wing would have reduced lift, but it increased drag, hence the focus on optimising the car’s smooth underbody. 

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Ferrari statistics

Seven in 10 buyers of the Ferrari California T are new to the brand and owners of the car do 30% more miles each day than owners of any other Ferrari.

One in five buyers use the California T as their daily driver, and two-thirds always have one or more passengers. F12 owners, meanwhile, cover more miles than 488 GTB or Spider owners. They are also Ferrari’s most loyal customers, with two-thirds of them having previously owned a Ferrari.

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Extended Audi TT range in doubt

Audi's plans to extend the TT range with either Offroad or Sportback models is rumoured to be in doubt. The company has revealed a number of TT concepts since the 2014 Paris show and subsequently majored on these two variations, indicating that it would pick one for production.

Officially that’s still the case, but there are now signs of the company backing away from the plan.

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Volvo hybrids

Following the introduction of Volvo’s four-cylinder engines, sources say the chances of the brand going back to making six-cylinder or eight-cylinder engines are slim.

It is far more likely that Volvo will launch hybrid performance cars, with electric motors adding the extra power. 

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5wheels 7 June 2016

Meanwhile back at the zoo

VW are still crawling from under that very big wigwam over emissions and the cost to them has been and will continue to be for a while quite horrendous. But...not to be outdone we have now confirm others are at it.
1) Mitsubishi
2) Suzuki
3) Nissan
4) Fiat

hmmmm one wonders when the rest will be found out because in this industry copycat and espionage are standard ingredients on a daily basis.

madmac 7 June 2016


Audi showing some sense,the TT is fine as it is.
Just bring us a real ur Quattro with 4 seats, light weight, and the new 5 Cylinder tuned to 500 HP!!