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New go-faster coupé and convertible versions of the F-Type cost from £110,000 and will go on sale this summer
Mark Tisshaw
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4 March 2016

Jaguar has confirmed the full specifications of the F-Type SVR sports car at the Geneva motor show.

Previously, Jaguar had only confirmed the 200mph top speed of the F-Type SVR coupé, although a leaked brochure revealed many more details. Now, Jaguar has confirmed that power will come from a 567bhp, 516lb ft version of the firm’s 5.0-litre supercharged V8. The F-Type SVR is four-wheel drive and uses an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

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The 1705kg F-Type SVR coupé can crack 0-60mph in 3.5sec and reach a 200mph top speed. The 1720kg convertible shares its 0-60mph time with the coupé but has a top speed reduced to 195mph. Economy and CO2 emissions figures are the same for both cars, at 25.0mpg and 269g/km respectively.

The SVR’s aerodynamic package is an uprated version of that used by the F-Type R on which the new model is based. It includes a new front end, a flat underfloor and a carbonfibre active rear wing.

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The chassis has been tweaked, with new dampers and anti-roll bars added and stiffer rear knuckles fitted, while wider tyres wrap around lightweight 20in forged alloy wheels. Carbon-ceramic brakes provide stopping power.


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A new titanium exhaust is said to give “an even more purposeful, harder-edged sound”. Completing the upgrades are new calibrations for the gearbox and the all-wheel drive, torque vectoring, adaptive dynamic, power steering and stability control systems.

The SVR coupé costs from £110,000 and the convertible from £115,485. Both are available to order now ahead of summer deliveries.

“The new F-Type SVR is the first series production Jaguar to be developed by Special Vehicle Operations and benefits from everything we know about precision engineering, performance and design," said JLR's special operations managing director John Edwards.

“The result is a 200mph, all-weather supercar that you can drive every day. We even made a Convertible version so that enthusiasts can revel in the sound from the new titanium exhaust system.”

Details and images of the SVR had previously leaked to the internet via a dealer brochure. Speaking to Autocar at the Geneva show, Edwards said the leak was "a complete accident, but it's actually been very good for awareness. We got a lot of customer interest earlier than we expected, and although orders have only just formally opened - with production starting the last week of March - we're doing very well."

Edwards also commented that sales of the Range Rover Sport SVR have "significantly exceeded expectations", making him "quietly confident" for F-Type SVR sales.

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22 January 2016
Looks a bit too Max Power for me.

22 January 2016
bol wrote:

Looks a bit too Max Power for me.

They certainly didnt keep it subtle. Looks almost cheap but less weight is good news. It couldnt compete without losing some pounds no matter what the power increase they gave it.

22 January 2016
I see that in the true tradition of Midlander 'That'll-do-ism' they popped down to Halfords to get the rear spoiler....It's not just at the top level Jag needs to get some Germans in....

23 January 2016
because you would never find a German sports car with a rear spoiler would you.. Some people...

24 January 2016
Some people indeed.... Shall we compare Jag's Halford's item with a GT3 or GT3 RS, or a Cayman GT4... or even the pop-up version from the Boxster or, just for you, the pop-up-and-out version of the Panamera ? Yeh, let's: and then you can see what a properly engineered spoiler really is. That was the point. 'Obviously' lost on "Some people..."....

24 January 2016
The additions certainly makes the proportions look a bit kit-car esque, but the fundamental issue is the length of the wheelbase and some of the minor details to work around with. The XK by comparison is looking fresh as a daisy, and I am sure with a further light facelift and new interior would have had a resurrgence.

22 January 2016
Say what you want about the spoiler, but 200 mph.... Now that's what I call 'that'll do-ism.'
It usually is the case with sports cars that the lower powered ones have the delicacy in handling and elegance in the looks department, but the top end ones need the serious kit that spoils the purity a bit. I guess you can't have everything.

24 January 2016
Can a V6 at 1.6 metric tonne have 'delicacy' ? I'm not sure it can and I'm not it's a description you'd extend to any F-type. Mclaren have 200mph cars - even the 570s is close. I'd call their aero addenda suitably engineered and it looks it. I'm sure as Messrs Chapman, Gurney etc. discovered in the '60s you can strap a tea-tray on and get downforce but people with £ 100K+ to spend would like it properly engineered, too. Can Lotus, Mclaren and Porsche be so wrong on this and Jag so right....?

23 January 2016
Why is it 200kg heavier than a 911 which also has rear seats and isn't made from the 'lightweight' aluminium? I think I know which one the 'porker' is...

24 January 2016
Exactly. Jag is letting the F-type get fat and blousy....already. Its current developmental zenith is Project 7. What are we going to get from that ? Hopefully, the 'Jag-check' upholstery and some lighter seats. But what else ? Nothing: just more iterations getting heavier and faster (in a straight line). Is Jag reading the same finance and industry press as the rest of the World....?


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