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This week, we take a look at Audi’s newest EV and what the Rimac Nevera has beaten in a drag race. But first, here’s Ferrari’s take on the lifespan of its cars.

Endurance challenge

99 Ferrari612 badge

In addition to electrifying its line-up, Ferrari will seek to drastically cut emissions from operations, supply chain and fleet. At least it doesn’t need to worry about the environmental impact of vehicle disposal. “Vehicle end of life isn’t taken into account,” it said, “because a Ferrari is forever.” That’s a challenge for development boss Gianmaria Fulgenzi, because it means “we have to develop a car that must be in the market forever”.

Vosprung Durch Tuk-Tuk

98 Audi tuk tuk

Audi has finally revealed an electric TT. That’s a tuk-tuk, by the way, rather than a sports car, using battery components lifted from E-tron test mules. Audi-backed start-up Nunam will use three of them in a pilot scheme in India early next year, enabling street vendors to transport their goods to market cleanly.

Runway success

96 Rimac nevera plane

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In one of the weirder twin tests we’ve run, the Rimac Nevera has proved that not only is it one of the world’s fastest cars, it’s also quicker than a stunt plane. In a race at Varazdin airport, the electric hypercar and a high-speed acrobatic plane exceeded 217mph before the car took a “convincing victory”, with Rimac chief test driver Miro ‘Grumpy’ Zrncevic at the wheel. We bet that lifted his spirits.

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