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Lamborghini has created a concept to celebrate the Miura's 40th birthday
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6 January 2006

Lamborghini’s Miura, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever built, has been recreated by the company as a concept.

2006 marks the 40th anniversary of the unveiling of the Marcello Gandini-designed supercar at the 1966 Geneva Show. The design of the car has been led by Walter de’ Silva, who is design boss at Lamborghini, as well being in overall charge of design at Seat and Audi.

It’s thought that the Miura Concept is based on the same aluminium spaceframe chassis that underpins the Gallardo. The company says it has no plans for production, but other sources suggest it will enter limited production.

De’ Silva says he had ‘long dreamt of re-designing the Miura over the last two years’. However, the move may not be universally admired. Some in the design world think that faithfully recreating such an all-time classic is unecessary.

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