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An Audi Q5 was tested before and after the fix had been applied; higher NOx emissions were found post-fix

The Dieselgate fix for cars implicated in the Volkswagen emissions scandal may be ineffective, according to the findings of an Italian consumer group.

Altroconsumo, which tested an Audi Q5 to analyse the effects of the Dieselgate fix offered by VW, found that after the defeat device was removed, NOx emissions were 25% higher than before. The fix imposed on European cars affected by the scandal currently involves a software update for 1.2 and 2.0-litre engines, while 1.6-litre units require a new flow transformer in addition to the software tweaks.

The Italian consumer group is a member of the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), which issued a statement regarding the findings: “This is another blow for EU consumers and a new dimension of the VW scandal. This test by our Italian member clearly demonstrates that VW’s solution to deactivate the defeat device is not reliable.

“It is imperative that the German testing agency who approved the fix, but also their national counterparts, urgently re-examine the solutions to repair the affected cars and that they publish these results. Consumers need to be 100% certain that their car will be in conformity with emission thresholds after the recall.

“Volkswagen justifies compensation payments to US consumers with the argument that their cars cannot be as easily fixed as in Europe. This excuse now seems to be built on sand. VW must compensate European consumers. This is the only possible way forward for VW to make up for this ongoing consumer detriment.

“National public authorities must finally take action and put pressure on VW to correct their misbehaviour.”

 A spokesman for BEUC revealed that the organisation, in light of the findings, will be looking into retesting other cars that have been fixed, but also stated that the retesting of vehicles should be the responsibility of public authorities, as well as Volkswagen itself re-examining the tests it may have carried out on the vehicles, post-recall. The test results should be made public for full transparency and to give consumers a full understanding of the effects of the service action being requested, he continued.

The BEUC spokesman also criticised Volkswagen’s handling of the recall and fix. “It’s a wake-up call for Volkswagen to communicate; the information people have been getting and which has been made public is very unclear," he said. "In some states the recall is mandatory and in others it’s voluntary.

“The delays will only confuse people further, so a plan of action needs to be fully communicated more effectively.”

“If consumers are concerned about the effect of the fix upon their vehicle, they need to ask the relevant authorities if they should do the fix or not, rather than just do what VW advises them to do. A retesting procedure is necessary because they need to know that the fix is the best thing to do.”

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Meanwhile, governments of countries affected by the scandal need to ramp up pressure on Volkswagen, the BEUC representative said. “It’s also a wake-up call for the governments to enforce their power upon Volkswagen; these practices can’t go on any more," he said. "The governments need to act on the behalf of the consumer.”

Autocar has contacted Volkswagen for a response to the group’s findings and is awaiting a reply. 

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solihullvwowner 11 November 2017

Let down....

VW ruined our perfectly good Tiguan R-Line with this update. The car has lost all bottom end torque, gear selection from the DSG box is all wrong with it beign in D7 around 40 mph around town. Fuel consumption has dropped to below 32 mph which was not what it used to do and was clearly advertised differently as so at the dealer.

We've had the car back to VW Solihull for diagnostics and the response was 'The car is performing to known parameters' and no faults found. However when it's VW altering those parameters to fit in with the so-called 'fix' no wonder they can't find anything wrong.

We will never-ever trust VW ever again and certainly will never buy another VAG after this episode.

Awful experience and very disappointed with VW on how they've treated us.


Bec 11 February 2017

The 'fix' is a farce

This 'fix' (laughable explanation) is causing major problems, EGR valve problems, turbo problems, injector leaks, dpf problems and less mpg. There are an increasing amount of people coming forward and complaining of the same major problems with their cars post fix, including myself. I have a 2012 2.0 TDI Q5 that ran like a dream until I had the updated software installed last Friday 3rd Feb. The vehicle now has a EGR valve, turbo and injector pipe leak problems. 2 litre TDi engines cannot cope with the amount of exhaust gas recycling 1000 of vehicles are now breaking down as a result of the EGR valves clogging. There are over 430+ members and increasing on a closed Facebook group here
Dave B 12 December 2016

audi emisions

Have had my A6 2litre TDI emissions fix and since having it done my mpg has dropped by 15mpg they have put it back on the diagnostic and said the car is running perfect has anyone else having the same problem