Currently reading: Citroën C5 axed from UK due to diminishing sales
Growing demand for crossovers is eating into D-segment saloon sales; just 237 C5s sold in Britain last year

The Citroën C5 has been axed from the UK car market due to shrinking sales, with just 237 examples of the Ford Mondeo rival selling here last year.

Citroen C5 Aircross SUV to be revealed at Shanghai motor show

The 2015 figure represents 0.5% of the sales the C5 achieved in its best-selling period, 2001 to 2004, when 45,502 were delivered to British customers. UK sales for the model have been steadily declining since, and the latest Mk3 has sold just 17,105 units since its introduction in 2008.

Citroën cites the increasing popularity of crossovers and compact SUVs as the main cause for the model’s demise, and says D-segment sales now account for just 4% of the overall UK market.

Interestingly, demand for the C5 still remains strong in left-hand drive markets, with the model’s biggest sales achieved in its home market of France, where 6549 examples were delivered last year. However, that figure still represents just 20% of the sales achieved six years earlier, illustrating how the trend is not just a British one.

Citroën hasn’t confirmed if the C5 will be replaced when the current model’s production run comes to an end. Last year Autocar reported that the C5 could be reinvented in its next generation and earlier this year the car maker said it would be replacedbut latest trends suggest the model could now be dropped from Citroen’s line-up entirely.

The car maker thinks its C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso models are now better placed to cater to the UK market, although global market demand suggests even MPVs such as these are under threat from the rapid growth in the popularity of crossovers.

SUVs and crossovers now account for one in four car sales in the European Union and the segment is the fastest growing in the world. Citroën will be better placed to take advantage of this change in the coming years, as it plans to introduce a new family of crossovers inspired by the look of the Aircross concept, which itself evolves the design of the C4 Cactus.


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20 May 2016


cant understand the laguna 3 lasted less longer than the c5 or i cant figure out why laguna 3 ph 2 were a flop... so sad
Rich boy spanners 20 May 2016

French cars got a bad

French cars got a bad reputation in the 80's/90's, same as the Italians and never managed to recover. The 1st Laguna was great, the 2nd had trouble making it down the road without breaking down and lost Renault all the hard won loyalty.
The big question though, is how the hell have the Germans avoided the same thing? I've never had anything German that didn't have serious issues yet people lap up them up. They have the best marketing over reality ever.
scrap 19 May 2016

Brexiters are always saying

Brexiters are always saying that we British are a brave, strong people who can achieve anything. Sadly this country is full of people who give up when there is only slightly adverse weather - and buy SUVs because they are too scared and too inept to get anywhere without having a 2 tonne comfort blanket around them. Shame. The C5 might be average, but it's way better than a Kia Sportage or whatever it is these sheep now drive instead.