Currently reading: Citroën confirms that C5 model will be replaced
French firm will build a successor to its Ford Mondeo rival, despite shrinking global sales for mainstream D-segment cars

Citroën has confirmed that its C5 range will be replaced despite the decline of this segment for mainstream players.

The French manufacturer's head of brand, Julien Montarnal, said: "It would be a failure not to have a D-segment model. The C5 is still a benchmark for comfort."

The replacement for the C5 will incorporate Citroën's latest brand values, which Montarnal described as, "Creativity, technology and an aura of well being."

However, Montarnal would not say whether the brand will continue to use its Hydractive suspension set-up. The C5 is now the only model in Citroën's range to offer the brand’s once-famous fluid suspension.

"As long as it meets our comfort benchmark, it doesn’t matter how," he said, implying that Hydractive was a possibility, but not a definite for future luxury cars.

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sirwiggum 5 January 2015

Interesting tidbit about the

Interesting tidbit about the C5.

I'd assumed it was for the chop, given that the D segment is slowing in Europe (the Accord is being axed for example), the current C5 isn't a huge seller, the DS5 poaches some sales and that the GM Insignia-C5-508 tie up didn't happen.

I would assume that the Hydropneumatic suspension - which is only present as an option or on top spec models - is for the chop. Most fleet C5s would be steel springs. Too many people have bad memories of leaky GSs and CXs.

My old Xantia was brilliantly comfortable and never had an issue with the suspension.

Oilburner 5 January 2015

hydractive suspension

"As long as it meets our comfort benchmark, it doesn’t matter how."

Which is another way of saying: "we can't justify it to the bean counters". It sounds very much like hydractive suspension won't feature on the new C5 at all.

Such a shame, the suspension was one of the few things I loved about my old C5 and the BX before that. Great for lifting the car for muddy, bumpy fields, floods and even drive through counters! and clever enough (on the C5) to lower the car at speed to improve aerodynamics. The road holding was amazing at high speed too.

Can't see that steel springs will do all that.

typos1 5 January 2015

"The car is great" Really ?

"The car is great" Really ? Its just a boring, chracterless Audi clone based on a 15+ year old chassis, great is not a term most people would use !