It took a while to find the optimum C-Class when we first tried it in the UK. Executive cars, even compact ones, these days come with such a plethora of different options – passive dampers, adaptive ones, sports suspension, coil or air springs, etc – that finding the idea set-up isn’t easy. Especially when you throw so many different wheel and tyre sizes at it too.

Updated Mercedes-Benz C-Class to introduce new four-cylinder engines

So news that there’s going to be an additional option to the air suspension might not make life easier, but in a mid-life facelift there are bound to be subtle chassis changes too, to keep the C-Class competitive. A more comfort-oriented set-up than, say, a BMW 3 Series always seems to me to suit the kind of character a Mercedes should have. And it’s an approach that seems to really suit the E-Class.