In 2017, Volkswagen sold 968,284 Golfs worldwide. That was down from 982,495 in 2016 but still an impressive effort 2019 given that the Volkswagen Golf Mk7 was in its fifth year on sale. It remains a sales powerhouse and a decent cash generator for the VW Group.

A slight shift upmarket with the Mk8 makes sense for the Golf, especially as the profit margins for entry-level models are wafer-thin.

Autocar understands that VW sibling Skoda is developing a new model that could step in for cheaper Golfs and suit buyers who want a more affordable hatch. Using the MQB AO architecture, Skoda is planning a Golf-sized hatchback that will Skoda replace the Rapid in its model range.

This car would not only bridge the size gap between the Skoda Fabia and the Skoda Octavia but also ensure that the VW Group can appeal to a breadth of buyers at different price points.