The Lupo is one of the biggest causes of stress in my life right now. There, I said it. 

It’s the wheels, mainly. Find below the heavily abridged process. Abridged because “those bloody wheels”, as they became known, were a soul-destroying, heartbreaking saga. With a happy ending, at least.

See, I didn’t choose wheels that would be easy to fit. I chose Volvo Libra wheels; aluminium wheels from the C30, S40 and V50 DrivE models from a few years back. Not matching the Lupo’s 4x100 bolt pattern whatsoever, I might add, being of 5x108 pattern. Adapters were needed, as were tyres.

Adapters were easy to find; the forums helped me find a company in Bulgaria that makes custom adapters for obscure wheel combinations. Translation issues aside, these arrived within a reasonable time – although without the correct bolts. 

Bolts sourced (after a lot of searching, stress and next-day delivery charges), the tyres took even more research. Lupo wheels are quite small. Volvo wheels are quite big. Although the Libras are only 16in, they were shod with high-profile, 205/55 R16 tyres - far, far too big for the Lupo. 

Not wanting scuffing, I needed a tyre that would fit both the wheel and the Lupo. Luckily, Falken makes such a tyre - the Ziex ZE914 - and better still, they needed only a very small stretch to fit the wheels. They should be a fair bit grippier than the skinny economy tyres from before, too.