I like electric cars. They’re relaxing to drive, they’re cheap to run and they’re unexpectedly engaging to use.

I write that having done several hundred miles in a couple of new EVs this last week, for reasons that will become apparent in the not-too-distant future. 

Mock if you will. To a lot of people EVs must seem a largely pointless irrelevance, and the slow sales traction they’ve generated so far only seems to confirm the limited appeal.

Trouble is, unless they take off better now, they may never mature. As things stand, the critical mass of production volume needed to make the battery technology better is under serious threat of never materialising.

What’s required, it strikes me, is as much refinement of the modern electric concept as is possible in order to stoke up some momentum. So here are ten ways that the likes of Nissan, Renault, Tesla, Toyota, Mitsubishi, BMW and General Motors could make their electric offerings that bit better than they are right now.

1. Make good all-round visibility a priority

It’s routinely forgotten about these days, because crash safety and curvy styling are considered more important – but it matters more in EVs than in other cars. When your car doesn’t make a noise, other drivers often don’t know you’re there.