Porsche, purveyor of extraordinary sports cars. Tesla, purveyor of sometimes-questionable-quality electric cars.

Today, the day which many Porsche traditionalists might never have thought would come, marks the arrival of Porsche’s first electric car, the Taycan. Suddenly, two of the most aspirational brands in motoring collide.

New Porsche Taycan arrives as pivotal electric sports car

But for all of Porsche’s history and brilliance, does it have the brand cache of Tesla, the (relatively) new kid on the block?

On the matter of the product - which should be the most important thing, but rarely wins against brand appeal - the Taycan promises to be a force for good. Contributing ed Frankel, having driven the prototype, said “shut your eyes and you could almost be in a 911”. 

The Stuttgart maker is also pushing the Taycan’s repeatability - that it can continue to perform at high levels at all times. 

Vehicle line director Robert Meier said: “We have to be proud of the repeatability of the performance. This isn’t just a car that can be thrilling to drive now and again - it can hit its peak over a sustained amount of time. I think that sets us aparts from our rivals.” He, of course, means Tesla which is known for poor levels of performance repeatability on its cars.