You will have noticed that the updates on life owning a Renault Zoe slowed somewhat abruptly quite some time ago. It is not, I’m delighted to report, because of a sudden change of heart, but more down to a busy life into which the Zoe has slotted almost seamlessly.

The result was that after a year of writing about it, there’s been quite a gap where I’ve struggled for anything to report. And, while I’m sure Renault would have been pleased for me to trot out the same superlatives, I’m not sure that would have provided much insight.

Now, though, with six months to run on the lease, perhaps it is time for a recap of just how easily an electric car - now an old generation one at that - has slipped into our lives. Day-to-day, we have never encountered a problem with range, as its prime purpose is school runs and short skips between swimming pools, where my wife teaches. A long day’s travel is 25 miles, and so electric power suits us just fine, as it would many motorists.

Charging has proved easy, but because we have a driveway and have never attempted a long journey, courtesy of a second, engined car, we have never tried a public charging point. Sometimes we top it up, sometimes we brim it - both are easy to do, and the former can be surprisingly effective even in 20-minute bursts.