For a while, a few years back, I was fortunate enough to run a Morgan Plus 8. It turned heads wherever it went, and it soon became clear that ‘ownership’  earned you entry to a pretty exclusive club of like-minded owners who liked to share stories, swap anecdotes and gather for a natter at every opportunity, be it in person or online.

When we leased our Renault Zoe, it never occurred to me that the same thing might happen - on reflection, a bit of an oversight. Sure, not even the most ardent fan can claim the Zoe is in any way as extrovertly styled as a Plus 8, but in many ways it is as left-field a choice, with the added excitement of breaking new technological ground and requiring buyers to really make a different kind of leap of faith to get involved.

No wonder people like to talk about the car, both as interested onlookers and avid owners. By chance, last Christmas a member of the Renault Zoe Owners Club walked past my house, spied our car and then, armed with the information that I worked for Autocar by the relative they were visiting, got in touch. In doing so, he opened my eyes to an enthusiastic and supremely knowledgeable community that has proved both friendly and informative and has greatly speeded up my understanding of the car and how to get the most out of ownership.