You won’t see the “Simply Clever” slogan on Skoda adverts in China. Instead, the Czech maker brands its adverts and marketing with “Since 1895”, a heritage message that plays up Skoda’s engineering heritage back to the dawn of motoring.

“Our challenge is to overcome the fact that very few people really know who Skoda is and what it means, in China. But the Chinese respond to history and heritage, so it is the only global car market where we have a different slogan,” says communications boss Tomas Kottera.

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It also shows how different selling and marketing cars in China is, despite Skoda’s remarkable success in the world’s biggest car market.

There is no let up in the energy with which Chinese car-buyers consume output from Skoda’s joint venture factory in China.

Last year, Skoda sold 330k new cars in China, about 1.5 percent of the market led by the Octavia, which contributes about 40 percent of volume. It’s an impressive ramp-up in sales, considering Skoda has only been in China for ten years.