"We can’t be the brand of Vorsprung Durch Technik and not be on top of our technology," said the bloke from Audi as the wraps came off its new Q8 concept in Detroit. Before you could equate ‘concept’ with pipedream, the same man confirmed it is '98%' of next year's production car with all metal panels the same.

Back to the technology, Audi had thoughtfully chosen to omit door handles from the Q8 so I couldn’t do more than peer through a window, but it was enough to glimpse an interior unlike that of any Audi or, indeed, and SUV to-date. In essence, the dash is one sweeping expanse of piano black glass with touch sensitive areas replacing just about every switch and button you might expect. There’s a similar theme going on in the new Porsche Panamera and this is clearly an extension of that technology, but seen in the wide open spaces of a full-sized SUV interior its impact is all the greater and more impressive. If it works as well as the Panamera's interior, Audi will have found a way of marrying form and function in rare harmony.