There’s no two ways about it, if this morning's news is true, this is a bleak day in the history of Jaguar Land Rover, with its wounds now set to be torn asunder for all to pick over.

First, some context: Jaguar Land Rover is not alone in facing a crisis, although the fact is the UK’s biggest car maker may add some shock for homegrown readers. In the coming days, weeks and months we anticipate other giants of the industry, including the mighty GM and Ford, to formally reveal plans of their own, on a far greater scale, in the face of their own challenges.

However, there’s no escaping the fact that, for Jaguar especially - given Land Rover's greater sales, standing and profitability - the cuts are a bitter blow, albeit the result of a strategy based on unfulfilled ambition that now looks to have relied too much on a virtuous circle of sales success, undone by circumstance and falling short.

Valid excuses aren’t hard to pick out - you don’t win by being cautious - but the cruel reality is that the likes of Volvo have risen, phoenix-like from near-doom, in the same market sector and with similar raw materials at their disposal, while upstart brands such as Tesla have leap-frogged the pecking order by being more ambitious still.