If you paid attention to the hysterical mass media who wouldn’t know a particulate filter from their elbow, a diesel Volkswagen is now worth about 5p. Maybe less.

The great USA oilburnermageddon situation, as I’m calling it, has really got out of hand.

Cleverer Autocar contributors than me – see Hilton Holloway, Matt Burt, Jim Holder, John McIlroy and Steve Cropley – have explained all the salient and very technical details and the industry implications.

That leaves me to tell you what the showroom take is on all this, which is this: carry on regardless.

It has to be something of a slow news week when a car company makes the front pages for being naughty. I’m not being that flippant, just realistic.

The buying public are not stupid and they know that Volkswagens which drink the diesely stuff are well appointed, premium badged, and sturdily built rather than pollution-belching death machines.

Yes, these are cars that deliver well over 50mpg. That is all they care about. If there is a recall, then that’s a good thing; it will get sorted properly. Owners will carry on driving the cars they like and even, in some cases, love.