15 August 2013

The Seat Leon SC is the firm's first attempt at a three-door version of its popular Volkswagen Golf rival. Has the loss of two doors and some interior space compromised the handsome Leon? Autocar's Darren Moss finds out.

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AndyT 15 August 2013


@Peter Cavellini

There is often a lot of negative unthruths written about SEAT and I am afraid your not selling well comment was one of them mate.

In 2011 SEAT had its best ever year of UK sales with 36,089 cars, only to then smash that record with 38,798 sales in 2012. So far this year, SEAT's sold 25,681 in 7 months and with smash 40k car sales for the first time this year. So far this year, its outselling Renault.

Peter Cavellini 16 August 2013


I was basing my opinion on a salesw exec who said they weren't selling many,this is in Central Scotland, i don'tb know about the rest of the UK?.

Suasexed 15 August 2013

Seat Brera?

The SC certainly looks better than the 5 door. it's got a bit of an Alfa Brera look to the ride/rear. It's a shame the front looks so plain and pretty much the same as the Ibiza and Toledo.

Peter Cavellini 15 August 2013


It's that interior, quality?....eh, no, not quite,as a good steer?,well, yes, it probably is going by how my Wife's Ibiza Sport handles,Seat really need there cars to succeed just now,because sales here at least,aren't doing that well.

3mocion 15 August 2013

Be unique, or be the same as your neighbors. Your choice.

@Peter Cavellini

That's not what i read. Though not doing as good as it's rivals, Seat are celebrating record market share and sales growth. The new breed of Leon 5dr, the SC and ST are excellent cars with a lot of awards and praise, there's no reason why the sales growth can't continue. The brand deserves success after years of neglect by VAG.

People just need to look past the dullness of owning a Focus, Astra and Golf and be more adventerous!  Be like hundreds of other Focus, Astra and Golf owners on your street, or stand out, be unique and get the attention of owning a car that is exotic, sharp and relatively rare by comparison. 

As you can tell, i'm a big fan of the Leon.