3 December 2012

Steve Sutcliffe finds out if a dinky Audi A1 quattro can keep pace with the mighty Nissan GT-R

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maropl 4 February 2013

The Nissan GT-R has got all

The Nissan GT-R has got all the power and acceleration you can handle. Smile First-class grip, lightning-quick handling, edgy styling and a super-quick twin-clutch gearbox.Smile

Biter 13 December 2012

Fish out of water

Having completed the Nissan GTR owners experience day which involved different types of GTR driving at Silverstone this result is no surprise to me. On a dry short handling circuit (1st & 2nd gear corners only) the GTR was a fat understeering dog. For sure my old WRX Sti would have demolished it, and an Elise or maybe Clio Cup would have been more enjoyable.

but on the open GP track the GTR was godzilla in every respect. You could feel the mechanics working with you and it was happy to allow tail out antics when pushed. 

Better tires would have helped the GTR but you can't deny the law of physics. A slippy tight wet handling circuit is not an area it will shine in. I would say to those that think this in some ways reflects the GTR's wet weather performance, think again. It's pace cross country is ballistic. It is not the wet conditions rather the threat of prison that keeps you from long spells in excess of 130plus.

The video does highlight one thing which I feel is of total relevance! Weight kills handling. Too much weight.. It was the reason the GTR was quickly sold and the reason I did not get a new M5. The old Sti was just as fast cross country and more enjoyable due to less weight. Now on the hunt for a CSL! 

Hatchoo 12 December 2012


This seems rather odd to me, some GTRs have more grip in the wet than others perhaps. The one that overtook me on a windy, wet A road last winter, leaving my 225bhp 4 wheel drive car for dead did not seem paralyzed by crippling understeer. It just seemed very, very quick.