9 May 2014

This new version of the M3 is the latest in a long line of high-performance rear-drive BMWs, but it's the first M3 with a turbocharged engine. Can it live up to the pedigree of its predecessors? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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9 May 2014
Great video, Steve. This is so much better value than Cayman GTS. And BMW include more as standard. I also much prefer the looks of this compared with the M4. Large amounts of want!

9 May 2014
The design of some of the previous M3's & the CLS I prefer, whats with that bonnet line ? thats just wrong, does anybody else find this irksome? I've noticed it on a few of the newer BMW's and every time I think surly that could have been made more attractive as one piece.
Looks a bit flabby in places too. Sorry not for me BMW.

9 May 2014
Not as attractive as the third generation, but certainly everything for 60K. Looks like a four door supercar. Will win car of the year contests if 458 Speciale and 650S will not be considered new cars. The fact that carbon brakes are offered also shows it stepped up. They could of course make the M2 an even better car but they probably wont allow it to be too close to the M3.

9 May 2014
This morning I kept up with an M3. Barely. Enough said. Simply awesome saloon.

10 May 2014
I had a feeling that the noise from this new engine was going to be a let down....I knew it. I've just been waiting for confirmation of it from someone. That's really unfortunate because I agree with Steve that the rest of the car is amazing, certainly the best M3 yet. But I think Steve was right to say that its a huge caveat...it really is. If I'm going to buy a car like this I want that raw mechanical sound that comes with a great 6 cylinder. Not the drowned out noise you get with turbocharged engines. Its too bad but my money would still be on a Cayman.

11 May 2014
Autoblog had a video of the M4 being revved at a US dealership and a guy who was walking past said it sounded like s***. I agree, the engine isn't quiet, but subdued and just sounds like a wounded animal or an ancient lawnmower. So this M3 is the "Max Mosley 2014 F1 Vision" edition. The lack of proper aural drama kills it for me. I don't care how good a car is, but if it is cold and doesn't stir up my soul then my money will go elsewhere. Like an old Audi RS4.

10 May 2014
I wonder if he will have the same thoughts about the new 4litre TT C63?

10 May 2014
Come on Steve, only 4 stars for a car that has EVERYTHING going for it except that extra sonic icing on the cake. It sounded alright on the video - I don't know how they could have upped the game there without being accused of going Aston Martin/Jag over the top or faking it through the cars speakers. Now that IS taking the mic.

11 May 2014
I am selling my M3 CRT (V8 450hp, only 67 units worldwide)

15 May 2014
Great car and a good review. But can you dial down the volume of the tyre squealing, and turn Steve up a bit. Maybe its my old ears, . I love hearing an engine but tyres are like nails down a blackboard

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