14 June 2013

178bhp per litre bodes well, but can the Mercedes A45 AMG, powered by a four-cylinder engine, deliver the sort of thrills traditionally associated with the marque?  Steve Sutcliffe drives it as hard as he can to find out...


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rvtrailers 17 June 2013

the Performance Pack doesn't

the Performance Pack doesn't really belong in this august company and would seriously struggle without patronisation and partiality.

6th.replicant 15 June 2013

0-60 in 4.1!!!

Hmm, perhaps, for a Merc, the A45 offers considerable bangs for buck, like 0-60 in 4.1. See this vid:


Bobstardeluxe 16 June 2013

I like

I think this is a great car..Just saw autoexpress drag run Vs a CLS AMG and it was mighty to imagine a golf size car with this much power ..  a decade back we would be happy for this much performance from a M3 or a AMG C-class. Good times .. We should applaud Merc for producing such great figures performance and economy from a 4cyl..

Wanos 15 June 2013

Expensive? I'd say a bargain....

The Audi RS3 is 40k with a worse power to weight ratio. I was looking at one recently and you have to remember that the RS3 was at the end of the A3 production where this is art the beginning of the new A class production. 

I think the M135i will have the legs in it on the road and in the handing department but for me it's a more all round package. Pity we couldn't have a test with the RS3 and M135i, that would have be a more relevant comparison as you can still get the RS3 in a few places.