5 December 2013

If there's one kit car capable of leaving us besotted, it's the Lister Bell STR, a newly developed Lancia Stratos replica that is exquisitely put together. The appearance is bang on, the attention to detail is superb...and the driving position is better than the original's.

Power comes from a 2.5-litre Alfa Romeo V6, which makes the right noises and, with about 190bhp, the right amount of shove. It steers and handles really sweetly, too. That you could put a lovely one together yourself for less than £30,000, or have a turn-key car for not much over £40,000, is more than enough to leave you examining your finances.

Thanks to Steve Hole of totalkitcar.com

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6 December 2013
One of the most interesting video's for a long while Autocar. I am surprised that there is room for two players in this market....Gerry Hawkridges HF having been around for a while and equally seen as possessing fastidious attention to originality. I would be very interested to hear a knowledgeable review of the two side by side, to understand which is he better product.

6 December 2013
No need to be shy Steve. Tell us what you really think!

6 December 2013
...Who can give me £40k?

6 December 2013
I didn't have it on my bedroom wall but I've loved the Stratos since it came out. I think it was also Marcello Gandini (Muira, Countach) at Bertone. Great to see a genuine smile on Steve's face. But let me launch another dilemma. £30-40K - this Stratos or a nice current shape V8 Vantage or DB9?

6 December 2013
Has always,always been my drool over,tear in the eye car,my Christmas present to me would be?........10 laps on a track,any track!

6 December 2013
A toy to from the dreams!


7 December 2013
When you think what Italian exotica costs today, and this appears to have a much usable performance as anything on the road today, outside of a track, it must be up there with the bargains of the century, especially as it will never be mistaken for anything else.

7 December 2013
seems like the car the Alfa 4C should have been! Manual gearbox, N/A V6, and no silly headlights! also, based on the fact you just bought an A45 AMG Steve, after calling in the "money no object" hot hatch, i think it safe to assume you can afford one of these too...so do the world a favour and buy one! it should be the duty of everyone that can! Until the supply of 166's is depleted that is.


7 December 2013
...you don't really believe that Autocar reporters shell out their own cash for long term test cars...do you Harrymc?

8 December 2013
Appologies, didnt realise it was a long term test car, i only read the article about the tire blowing and assumed it was his own car.


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