14 December 2013

Any great drive requires three elements: a great road, great road conditions and a great car. And one of the greatest in 2013 was in the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S.

Anyone who says there are no such things as decent driving roads in America has not been to a mountain pass a couple of hundred miles inland from Los Angeles. On these perfect surfaces, under cloudless skies and amid zero traffic, the V12 Vantage S showed us everything that we’d ever wanted an Aston to be.

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14 December 2013
I thought the Vanquish was supposed to be the fastest Aston! Well, I guess this could be a Vanquish and perhaps they just changed the name tag before the shoot and you wouldn't know any different, would you? Nice sound though.

14 December 2013
I guess it must have an analogue feel then ? Mark didn't look to comfortable each time he lost the back end (cue nervous laughter).


14 December 2013
For some time now, AM's product direction has left me wondering just what they hope to achieve.

14 December 2013
The engine and the grills are too loud. Great if you are an attention junkie but I'd want more subtle grills and less noise in sport mode. Nice car though!

14 December 2013
More than loud enough to be a deal breaker for me. Who is the intended buyer of this car? There can't be that many millionaire teenagers!

15 December 2013
cowichan@ Loud!!!........only when you want it to be,it's taken Aston a long time to realise that painting a car a lurid color and doing the detailing in Black,and giving it a fruity exhaust,is what's been missing for a long time,Porsche's been doing it for decades,as for the costs......if you've got the desposable?........not my business is it?

15 December 2013
Stupid gearbox. The V12 Vantage was better.

16 December 2013
Nice sound.
To listen before the end of an era.

17 December 2013
I like the sound, and you can dial it down if it's the sabbath, but hearing a bit more V12 induction howl rather than tailpipe rasp might be nice. I'd prefer the choice of a proper manual like the original but AM probably can't afford to develop both.

I think if Mr Tisshaw drives one of their cars again AM will be looking to fit an uprated power steering pump, this one took lots of hammer.


18 December 2013
". I think if Mr Tisshaw drives one of their cars again AM will be looking to fit an uprated power steering pump, this one took lots of hammer".

LOL, I noticed that too, he was sawing away at the wheel even when he wasn't actually in a corner.....like a 1930's movie star!
I think he was a bit nervous tbh....and as someone else said giggled like a girl every time the tail broke lose

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