9 February 2014

Without a doubt, the Alfa Romeo 4C is the most important Alfa Romeo for decades.

Alfa has spent many years being messed about by successive managements, every one with different half-cooked ideas, then quite a few more. Recently it has had its better-known values attached to B and C-segment hatchbacks - the Mito and Giulietta - because that is where the money is.

Yet no car in recent history has deliberately set out to embody Alfa values. The 8C Competizione helped, of course, but it was really only a concept made good.

In truth, it is at least 30 years since Alfa Romeo has built a car for real people that directly and affordably expresses its values. This is the 4C's mission and it is why it is so very significant - and why this is a must-watch video.

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26 September 2013

Having been in a 458 recently and realising that you have to be doing jail-time speeds to get it close to the limit of its ability, I think I would rather have something like this instead. Three quarters of the style, maybe half the ability at less than a quarter of the price.

A bargain!

26 September 2013

Some of us go on about Ferrari's,but as most of us know, is way out of our price bracket,for £45K or there about,this is quite good,it's not all about top speed, it handles,stops and you wouldn't be afraid to park it in a multi story.


26 September 2013

it would be cheaper! despite the carbon chassis it makes the various Elise's look value. Yes I'd love one but would I spend 45k on a hot hatch engine with a cheap interior just because it's made of carbon ? I hope the new Mazda Mx5/Alfa is more relevant.

26 September 2013

aside from the major advantage of price, this car proves the 'less is more' cliche once again. its light and compact, which are qualities expensive cars lack. As long as its reliable,
Alfa is definitely on to a winner!

26 September 2013

Impressive! The first production Alfa in generations that lives up to the driving enthusiast's expectations. And that engine noise - can't believe it's a little 4 cylinder turbo!

I'd really like one of these - maybe when it comes down in price on the used car market in a couple of years?

27 September 2013

925kgs dry is too heavy. Disappointed for a £40k+ carbon-fibre 2 seater.
How can it weigh the same as a mass produced 5 seater city car made of steel and iron.
The transmission must be heavy, and maybe have lots of electrical extras. Expect it has air-con too.

27 September 2013

Not sure why this guy was doing the review instead of the usual faces, however it's 875kg dry, 925 wet.

27 September 2013

Who Cares why Steve is doing this review

Maybe he just wanted to do it

It makes a nice change and, he reviews cars so refreshingly

As to the Alffa nice car but Oh No those exterior mirrors NO

2 October 2013

A great review! Thank you. The new business plan - announced earlier - that will see closer collaboration between Alfa Romeo and Maserati, is to be applauded. One can only hope the Fiat group also has the sense to remove Alfa from the “pile it high, sell it cheap” influence of the Fiat brand . . . . and, align Alfa’s presence within the market place alongside Maserati and Ferrari.

11 October 2013

I have been wondering if the Alfa Romeo 4C or the CLA AMG suffers from significant turbo lag and other common problems associated with over tuned 4 cylinder engines. I understand these cars are fast, but its an over tuned 4 cylinder engine. On top of the that, CLA AMG achieves a better 0-60 time than 4C, even though its heavier. I was wondering if the Autocar could also do a comparison, since the price and engine performance is similar. They do offer the opportunity of better gas mileage when compared to the Audi S4, the BMW M3 another similarly positioned cars. If the Auto industry is moving over to over tuned low cylinder engines have they been able to overcome the problems of the past, such as turbo lag, high strung engines etc. Any help Autocar would be greatly appreciated.


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