6 February 2014

The seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette. It marks the return of the Stingray; in name, at least. It certainly looks good on paper: all-new styling, chassis, cabin and - most importantly - the new LT1 V8 engine.

But how does it fare against the best that Europe can offer? Can it out-accelerate and out-brake a Porsche 911? Does it sound better than a Jaguar F-type? Can it out-handle an Audi R8? Steve Sutcliffe referees the biggest sports car battle of 2014.

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7 February 2014
As I said in the thread on the new TVR, the Corvette is the elephant in the room. American engineers are indeed capable of great work if the accountants are told to sod off.


7 February 2014
20 years ago I was in a red Vette enjoying the power of the American engine and laughing at the dynamics of the car. In a relatively short period of time Americans managed to improve that dreary Corvette into a true sports performer. The looks could be more dreamy but I say this as a European. Well done job by Chevrolet.

7 February 2014
then Porsche, Audi and Jaguar should be rather worried by the forthcoming Mustang seeing as it now as proper suspension for a start and starting at £30,000 in RHD form.

7 February 2014
Wow, they've pulled a blinder with this new C7. That noise at 04:40 is pure Vanishing Point, the F-Type sounds broken in comparison. The 'Vette gets 'em wet!

7 February 2014
Seven generations,STILL no RHD!,why?,if it's that good, if it is an icon in it's homeland,if the interior has improved(i.e.to European standards),why no Rhd .........?,The series of tests you did(?),what did they prove?,that it was slightly better?,or was it the plain bald boring fact that it was the £29K saving that swayed you into raptures about it,no, for me, it only matters if your confident in your product to put the steering wheel on the appropriate side for the market you want to sell in,so, Chevrolet, Steve Sutcliffe,tell me ,would an RHD sell better in blighty?

7 February 2014
i have driven all the 4, and the Vette would not be my first choice. Then again price would not be a factor for me but as Peter said above, if they did a rhd version would it steal sales from any of the other cars??

7 February 2014
The yanks are now producing cars that handle just as well as the Europeans now for less money......they have always given you more for your money than Europe ever did. You look at the ZR1.......it was just a quick as any top if the range Lamborghini.....

7 February 2014
The brake lights on the Vette appear to come on separately on some occasions, does anybody know why that is ? apart from the obvious fault that might occur I was thinking maybe something related to traction control or some other control system operating the brake system.

Love the sound of both the Vette & Jaguar.

7 February 2014
Likely because they're LEDs, which "blink" on video due to the on-off-on cycle. Loads of info about "why LEDs blink on video" on the webs.

7 February 2014
When you look at the front of the car and compare it with the F Type you can see why they insist on using pushrods; it's bonnet is significantly lower. It almost looks mid engined in comparison.

Drifting a V8. Life doesn't get much better ;-))


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