25 June 2019

What’s the best recipe for an engaging sports coupé? Front or rear engine, four-cylinder or six? You’ll get very different answers depending on which manufacturer you ask.

BMW has been firmly in the front-engined, rear-driven six cylinder camp for years, and now a partnership with Toyota means that the all-new Supra is as well. The M2 Competition currently represents the most affordable end of the M Division line-up, while the GR Supra is Toyota’s most potent two-seater.

Porsche, long considered the benchmark for sports car handling, is all about mid-engined poise. The latest-generation Cayman may have lost two cylinders in the process, but the 718 Cayman T is the most focused of the lot - and crucially comes with a manual gearbox. Finally, the reborn Alpine A110 puts the engine even further back, opting for a featherweight construction that puts agility above outright power.

Autocar’s Matt Prior and James Disdale put all four through their paces on the circuit to find out which delivers the most fun.


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drd63 26 June 2019

Maybe the Mustang would be a

Maybe the Mustang would be a better comparison? Anyway on looks alone the Supra wins this for me.

xxxx 26 June 2019


Not sure why 2 seater small sports cars are put up against 4 seaters. Drop the M2 and put the Elise into the mix (what was that Autocar, BMW spend more on advertising)

si73 30 June 2019

That would make for an

That would make for an interesting comparison, I would like to know how the much cheaper gt86 and mx5 fare against these as everyday fun sports cars as the extra performance these have is probably unusable on the road anyway.

Takeitslowly 16 October 2019

Just shows and clearly that

Just shows and clearly that you have never spent more than a three figure sum on a car. You must believe that people stick rigidly to cars in their classes, before they can make a chioce to buy. If someone wants the BMW 6-cyl engine in their new car, what is your problem if they shortlist the Z4 convertible and the GR Supra hardtop coupe?.


Not sure...?. No wonder.

lambo58 26 June 2019

German car v german car v

German car v german car v german car,

New so-called Supra as Japanese as Heineken.

Who are they kidding

Whats the point?

sabre 26 June 2019

German car ....

If the Supra is as reliable as a BMW, Toyota probably will regret the collaboration.

mpls 26 June 2019

Truth about the new Toyota

Truth about the new Toyota Suora..


Sean1964 28 June 2019


I think you will find that Heineken is Dutch...

lambo58 1 July 2019



Talk about missing the point completely

I could have said Tiger beer instead.


Takeitslowly 16 October 2019

"SO-CALLED", in this context,

"SO-CALLED", in this context, what does that mean. This version carries on from the previous, in line 6-cyl, rwd.


"THEY" are not "KIDDING" anyone. This project has been transparent from the start.


"Whats the point?". Without this specific collaboration, there would have been no GR Supra, thus depriving the market of choice, of Supra fans and newcomers to the model of another gen of this car, of further R&D split between both companies, etc, etc.


Whats the point of you and your post?. Amoeba.