The E10 may look like another of the UK’s cottage-industry kit cars, but under the David Lynch sci-fi glassfibre panels there’s a car of singular focus and execution. A work in progress, sure, and there’s a little way to go before Zenos can match the material quality and motive charm of the best of its rivals. But on real-world pace and dynamic maturity, its work is already done.

An unrelenting focus on value for money has delivered something at once fast, exciting, modern, sophisticated and usable, and all for not far north of that £25,000 target price.

Not as characterful as some, but fast, fine handling, great value and a welcome addition

The tractability of the turbocharged engine and the balanced civility of the suspension also make the E10 S easy to drive fast on the road. Whether it makes it as rewarding as a car with perfect throttle response and a mechanical, heavy-set gearchange can be debated. But debate it all you like. While you’re busy arguing, plenty of petrolheads will find their ideal match here, in a car that offers real pace, track smarts and affordable fun to burn.

Even so the Zenos still finds itself lagging behind the less powerful, but more expensive Ariel Atom and Caterham 360R, which the E10 S has taken on below, both of which offer the driver much more character than the Zenos currently offers.



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