10 April 2015

The Zenos E10 S is the £29,995 sports car from Zenos Cars, the new British firm run by former Lotus and Caterham engineers. Matt Prior tests it alongside Caterham's Caterham Seven 360R.

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Peter Cavellini 13 April 2015

Ho hum........

You pay your money,you make your choice,if it's what you like,that's just fine.
Einarbb 13 April 2015

Zenos looks like nice for back roads blasts ...

... less so as a track weapon. Zenos appears more comfortable as a road weapon. So the question is what is your emphasis - the road or the track? Is it more the track you only driving your car on roads to the next track and home again? Or do you use your car primarily as a road weapon - on sunny days?