Currently reading: Zenos E10 S boosted to 280bhp with upgrade kit
Open-top two-seater hits 386bhp per tonne after new engine and software modifications

A power upgrade kit has been launched for the Zenos E10 S that hikes the output of its turbocharged Ecoboost engine to 280bhp.

The 30bhp increase is joined by an additional 15lb ft of torque, bringing the peak figure to 310lb ft. Maximum power arrives 500rpm earlier than before, at 6500rpm, so the upgraded E10 S pulls stronger from low revs.

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The performance improvements are the result of fitting a new air intake, modified intercooler and revised ECU settings. Powertrain control electronics expert SCS and supplier of ECUs to Zenos developed the new software.

Zenos is yet to reveal how the extra power affects straight-line performance, but the upgraded E10 S with its 386bhp per tonne should achieve a noticeable decrease in the 4.0sec 0-60mph time of the standard car. The regular car’s 145mph top speed will be beaten, too.

Zenos charges £1995 for the upgrade kit (fitting costs not included) and can fit it to both new and used cars. The car maker says the changes have no effect on warranty and fitment can be carried out by a sales agent or at the Zenos factory in a day.

Once the parts are fitted, Zenos recommends using only 97 RON fuel.

Zeno boss Mark Edwards said of the new parts: “In response to requests from customers, we’ve developed this upgrade kit to give them more of what makes the E10 S great to drive. We’ve already demonstrated that the innovative hybrid chassis of the E10 series is able to comfortably accommodate the extra power and torque, so the heightened performance is still matched to exceptional balance and poise.”

SCS director Simon Hill added: “While power and torque have both been increased, the upgrade kit also ensures the E10 S retains its flexibility and driveability, which are so integral to the usable and accessible character of the car.”

The regular E10 S, priced from £32,995, sits above the entry Zenos E10, which costs £26,995. The company’s fastest model is the E10 R, which produces 350bhp from its 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine and is priced from £39,995.

More practical E11 and E12 models could be launched in 2017 following a successful bout of crowdfunding.

Zenos E10 S vs Caterham Seven 360R - twin test:

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