A mid-table ranking for the Vauxhall Mokka may seem hard on a car about which there’s so much good news to report.

It’s true that this car quietly overdelivers in most of the important ways, but like so many of Luton’s current crop, it falls back on attention-grabbing value for money.

It walks a fine line between the Juke and the Yeti

“It’s not bad,” you’ll end up thinking. “Quite good, in fact. For a Vauxhall.”  Broadly speaking, perceptions will go unchanged by this proficient but unexceptional small family car. But a great many needs will be met, and many owners will be satisfied.

While the Mokka may not be outstanding to drive, it's a well rounded and neatly styled package that delivers plenty of kit and a decent level of practicality, all without commanding a high price tag.  

This car may not stand out, but in a small crossover market that’s yet to reach maturity, it represents something worth having: a pragmatic middle ground between the madcap Nissan Juke, the highly strung Mini Countryman and the worthy Skoda Yeti.

That – and the price – may be enough to deliver some much-needed encouragement for Vauxhall on the forecourt. If you were buying on badge credibility alone, however, the Vauxhall may come third to the likes of the Skoda and Nissan

Nonetheless, the Vauxhall Mokka is a competitive car and one that's worth considering if you want a small crossover.

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