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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

The Vauxhall Mokka’s driving position is high and more easily accessed even than that of a Skoda Yeti or a Nissan Juke. The cabin features wide doors and abundant headroom.

It is a little more spacious for four occupants than the average family hatch, and much easier to access for those fixing child seats into the back. But the major compromise imposed by the Chevrolet Aveo’s platform is narrowness. The Mokka wouldn’t be a comfortable car for five-up families.

Here is a small crossover with digital radio as standard. Top marks, Vauxhall

The 356-litre boot is bigger, above the window line, than your average C-segment hatchback’s, and a flat load lip makes it easy to lift heavy items in and out. The rear seats don’t slide, but you can flop the bases forward and fold the backs down for a perfectly flat extended cargo bay of about 1.5 metres in length up to the front-row seatbacks.

You can always rely on Vauxhall to give function priority over form when it comes to cabin design. In contrast to the wilfully ostentatious Juke, the Mokka is dedicated to service.

Want somewhere to throw your phone and house keys? There are two storage areas in each door, two cubbies in the centre console, two gloveboxes and a lidded compartment to the right of the steering wheel.

There isn’t as much oddment space in the rear, but many will love the 230V three-pin mains power supply that’s standard on every model. It's ideal for charging mobiles and laptops on the go.

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The driver will feel comfortable and well provided for, although not excited by the Mokka’s interior. Picking the brown and blue colour scheme brightens the ambience a little, but it doesn’t give a lasting feel-good factor.

Standard kit won't disappoint, however. Every Vauxhall Mokka gets niceties such as climate control, a digital radio, USB connectivity and cruise control, all of which make the compact crossover easier to live with.

The battle on practicality may be won, but Vauxhall still has work to do to inject some true quality, ingenuity and panache.