We’re yet to find an outstanding compact crossover hatchback.

The original Skoda Yeti remains the closest thing to inspiration where this increasingly popular but still maturing breed is concerned.

Typically practical and well priced, but Vauxhall can do better

The Yeti is about to be replaced by something quite different, but it nevertheless comes closest to combining the charm, space, capability and value that the idea of a downsized hatchback-cum-SUV promises.

The Crossland X is about level with the Yeti on practicality and marginally beats it on interior flexibility and value, but it’s an undistinguished addition to the class in other ways.

Although it’s competent to drive, it fails to conjure a compelling selling point at either end of the dynamic spectrum; and its creditable turbo petrol engine is also not without flaws.

Being more spacious and better equipped than the class average gets the Crossland X part of the way towards success, but the mechanical substance, apparent quality and dynamic finish of this car aren’t equal to what we’ve seen from the Astra and Insignia.

Only time will tell if Vauxhall’s future within the PSA Group can produce better. For the time being, the Crossland X only makes it to fourth in our top five list ahead of the Suzuki Vitara, but behind the Mazda CX-3, the Renault Captur and the formidable Skoda Yeti.


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