From £16,7497
Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Some would consider it greatly ironic that, even though every car manufacturer and his dog seems to have launched a ‘B-SUV’ supemini-based crossover in the past five years, it remains so difficult to find a small car with four driven wheels for less than £25,000; and very difficult indeed to find one available for less than £20,000.

The latter do exist. But even in that context, a proper dual-purpose 4x4 with live axles, low-range gearing and the sort of rough-stuff readiness that the Jimny offers, starting from little more than £15,000, is almost in a league of one.

Practicality, fuel economy and dynamics count against the Jimny as a family car but, as a blue-collar, mud-plugging off-roader, it’s near unimpeachable at the price

It’s not hard to imagine a buyer with a need for a car more rugged than a Fiat Panda 4x4 or a Dacia Duster, for a similar price, who wouldn’t rather spend 50% more on a basic light pick-up; although it’s certainly hard to imagine they’ll be queuing around the block. But Suzuki won’t be expecting to shift Jimnys in their thousands, at least not in the UK – which is why these cars have such long product life cycles.

Residual value forecasts for the car have yet to be made, but they’re unlikely to be of much import to Jimny buyers anyway.