Contrary to opinion quite popularly held by petrolheads the world over, there are some things that a really great Porsche flat-six engine cannot do. It cannot and will not, for example, automatically perfect the driving experience of a top-of-the-range 718 sports car, it seems – although this one undeniably does the 718 Spyder a power of good.

For its free-revving flexibility, sensory richness and so much more, the performance of this mid-engined Porsche is now very special indeed. Its ride and handling on both road and track are likewise brilliantly judged, creating a brand of dynamic appeal that’s more precise and purposeful than is any Alpine A110 but can also make you giggle at times.

New flat six rectifies most, if not quite all, of the 718’s shortcomings

Better-chosen gear ratios would, however, better-distinguish the real-world speed of this car and its capacity to thrill. It’s not often you drive a new Porsche and can spot one way in which you might very easily improve it; except where the 718 is concerned, of course – and, a cynic might say, that might even be for commercially strategic reasons.

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