The 718 Spyder is not a limited-run car, although anybody placing an order today at the list price of £73,405 should be prepared for a wait, because Porsche’s GT-car manufacturing potential is only a fraction of what it is for the mainline models, with a large portion of manufacturing resources dedicated to the assembly of racing cars.

If you cannot bear any delay, delivery mileage cars are nudging £100,000 at official Porsche dealerships, although the previous Boxster Spyder can be had for considerably less and, in a great many ways, is none the lesser of the two cars.

Porsche performs well in terms of residuals, although the Alpine A110 is expected to hold a greater percentage of its original value

In terms of options, as always with Porsche, there is endless scope, and to replicate our test car, you’d need to spend more than £92,000. The most expensive options are arguably the most desirable, particularly if you intend on track driving. Between them, the ceramic-composite brakes and bucket seats come to almost £10,000. Some other costs, such as £2769 for the Burmester surround sound, are avoidable but, slightly frustratingly, you’ll need to pay for cruise control (£228), electrically folding mirrors (£210), reversing cameras (£825) and a speed limit indicator (£236).

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