Peugeot’s greatest success here may well be in having made its new e-208 so normal. By seamlessly packaging EV running gear into the same space as the combustion-engine components, the French firm has saved itself a chunk of cash on the production line and created a car that is unlikely to alienate potential buyers in a class where conservatism tends to be king.

Judged purely as a supermini, the 208 on which this car is based isn’t in the top echelons of the class: it looks great but we’d like it to be more practical and its chassis to have a little more sparkle. As a small electric car, however, the e-208 is certainly good enough to lead its niche, thanks to its blend of style, performance, refinement, drivability and that all-important range.

Stylish, drivable, usable, reasonably priced – and the best small EV

It’s still at its best as a second car but, like all good superminis, it has the comfort and usability to serve very effectively as occasional transport for a few passengers. Yes, a price of nearly £30k is a lot, but until battery costs come down, this is a pill all EV buyers will have to swallow; and this car certainly makes it more palatable than others.

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