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Revisiting our road test of the conventional combustion-engined saloon in 2018 sets a tone for the 508 SW that still rings true.

This is a car that looks alluring and rides comfortably, and holds its head pretty high among both mainstream and premium alternatives. It has a cabin that impresses initially, and Peugeot’s i-Cockpit gets a little better every time. Perhaps one day it will impress like BMW’s iDrive. But likely not.

This is a comfortable car that looks smart and feels classy

Being the enthusiasts that we are, though, the Autocar top five in this class remained dominated two years ago by more dynamic alternatives. This is where the plug-in hybrid scores: the nicer cars in the class to drive – like the Jaguar XE, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Kia Stinger – don’t offer you the chance to hook them up to a wall overnight. At a stroke, then, the opportunity to burn very little, if any, fuel in your daily commute can take the 508 from interesting alternative to compelling front-runner.

The good news is that, aside from the allure of the drivetrain, which will be irresistible to some, the rest of the 508 package is respectable too.