From £7,940
Competitively priced and good to drive: we’d pick it over a Peugeot 206 CC.

BY NISSAN’S OWN admission, the Micra C+C is a car for girls. So we showed it to some. ‘Nice colour.’ ‘Cool dashboard.’ ‘Looks a bit weird though.’ No-one was interested in how it drove.Which is a shame, because the way it drives is one of the best things about the C+C. In this class of car, however, looks are more important, and that could be a problem. The Micra’s cute and nicely proportioned from the front, but walk round the car and it starts to look weird. The long bootlid, tiny rear side windows and high flanks are awkward, although the glass roof reduces the top-heavy effect. That long lid does mean there’s a class-leading amount of space inside the boot, though: 457 litres roof up, 255 roof down.So how does cutting the roof off affect the way a Micra deals with ropey British roads? Roof up, it’s as if nothing’s changed. It deals with UK roads well and the chassis’s precision makes it fun, too. It grips with conviction, and although the steering could use more feel there’s enough weight and it reacts quickly. The 1.6-litre four-pot is willing enough, but gets noisy beyond 4000rpm.Lower the roof and things deteriorate, however – shudders come through the sides and windscreen frame, although not through the steering column. It’s not perfect, but it won’t ruin your day – well, as long as you’re not to o bothered by scuttle shake and steering feel.If you’re after an affordable, well-equipped cute cabrio with a trick glass roof and a big boot, this is it. Get over the peculiar profile with the roof up and it looks like a winner.Dan Stevens

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Fidji 24 October 2011

Re: Nissan Micra 1.6 CC

baldyorvik wrote:
the pink one was launched as a limited edition to support a breast cancer charity

You learn something new every day! They are making a special edition FIAT 500 in the States called the Pink Ribbon, and that is a special edition which is being made for the same purpose.

baldyorvik 19 January 2009

Re: Nissan Micra 1.6 CC

How do you get 128 bhp for a tenner mate?

Lee23404 19 January 2009

Re: Nissan Micra 1.6 CC

baldyorvik wrote:
the pink one was launched as a limited edition to support a breast cancer charity and typical of the idiots who present/produce TopGear they chose to take the p*ss when they could of used the opportunity to help raise awareness and maybe give themselves a little more credibility.

I never knew that which I guess proves your point as to what a missed opportunity it was.

Having said that it does look bloody aweful which is probably why I've only ever seen a couple.