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Bodystyle, dimensions and technical details

Introduced in 2006 and given an effective makeover in 2010 the Mercedes CL still cuts it as a bold statement of wealth. If status is measured by scale then the CL is a winner in the coupé marketplace, as it’s a sizeable car. At over five metres in length you’ll need a large parking place. 

Muscularly styled without being overly sporting in standard CL 500 guise the arcing roofline with its pillarless windows are a particularly neat feature, the lengthy rear and pronounced wheel arches at the back adding to its visual gravitas. 

The CL still cuts it as a bold statement of wealth

A bold feature line runs from behind the front wheel right the rear lights, while the large front grille, LED driving lights and prominent badge leaves no doubt what’s filling your rear-view mirror when a CL approaches. The AMG pairing wear their greater potential with more overt styling

There are fewer bars in the front grille, while the LED driving lights are housed in larger apertures for feeding air to the engine and brakes. AMG alloy wheels, less chrome and lower side skirts add visual menace without being too in your face. The exhausts are a more obvious quad set up on the AMG cars, while pick the AMG Exterior Carbon Package from the options list and you can turn your CL into an AMG F1 Safety Car lookalike. The CL 65 AMG gains little visually over its CL 63 AMG relation, all except those oh-so-important V12 badges on the front wings.