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Official pics and details on the new Mercedes CL63 AMG, as well as the new CL65 AMG

Mercedes-Benz has lifted the veil on a new, more powerful CL63 AMG, less than a month after revealing a raft of changes to standard versions of its range topping coupe.

Set to go on sale in the UK later this year, the up-market performance coupe receives a series of mid-life styling tweaks, including larger headlamps, a restyled grille, more heavily contoured bonnet and re-profiled bumpers – all aimed at providing the CL63 AMG with added appeal against stiff competition from the likes of the Bentley Continental GT and the newly refreshed Aston Martin DB9.

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It’s under the bonnet, however, where the most significant changes are concentrated. In place of the outgoing CL63 AMG’s naturally aspirated 6.2-litre V8 is a new twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V8 – as previewed at the Geneva motor show earlier this year.

With 536bhp at 5500rpm and 590lb ft at 2000rpm in its standard state of tune, the new engine develops 18bhp and 126lb ft more than its predecessor. As part of a new marketing strategy instigated by Mercedes-Benz, buyers can also specify a performance package that lifts the CL63 AMG’s output to an impressive 563bhp and 633lb ft.

Channeling the new engine’s prodigious reserves to the rear wheels is AMG’s seven speed MCT (multi clutch transmission). Based on the seven-speed automatic used in the superseded CL63 AMG, it replaces the torque converter with an automatically operated clutch for more rapid shifts in both automatic and manual modes.

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Mercedes-Benz claims the new 2060kg CL63 AMG hits 62mph in 4.5sec and a top speed of 155mph – or 4.4sec and 186mph when running the optional performance package.

With new fuel saving features such as automatic stop/start and an improved brake energy regeneration system that serves to automatically decouple the alternator under acceleration, it’s also claimed to return 26.9mpg on the combined cycle for a CO2 rating of 244g/km. By comparison the old CL63 AMG was rated at 19.5mpg and 346g/km.

Planned to go on sale at the same time as the powered up CL63 AMG in the UK is a revised version of the CL65 AMG.

It receives much the same visual changes but retains its existing twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12 engine with 621bhp and 737lb ft – sufficient to endow the big 2170kg coupe with the same 0-62mph time of 4.5sec and limited 155mph top speed as the CL63 AMG, albeit with a combined 19.8mpg and 334g/km.

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JacobE 26 July 2010

Re: Mercedes CL63 AMG revealed

Sapphire and Steel wrote:
The sound was amazing and I expect AMG will have seen to that on the new one too.

As I recall from a first drive of the new S63, the engine sounds just as great as before, despite the turbos.

Citytiger wrote:
As an owner of the old one (the only owner I know of) was one of the reason you got rid of it the economy? I would find it hard to believe it was.

As a driver of a supercharged V8 myself, I don't much mind the bills, but the most annoying thing on a long run is range, stopping every 250-300 miles on a dash across Europe is annoying (and the only reason I'm thinking of a switch to one of the new high-performance diesels).

I think this is remarkable though, 26.9 mpg and 244 g/km for a machine of this size and performance is very impressive - I certainly want one!

Citytiger 25 July 2010

Re: Mercedes CL63 AMG revealed

dutchmaestro wrote:

the market for CL63 AMG must be around 40% America. The States has a gas-guzzler tax. any car with a fuel economy >= 22.5 mpg(US) escapes the tax. guess what? the new CL63 does 22.5 mpg. compared to the old 6.2 V8 CL63 that saves the buyer approx. $5,000. okay, $5k isn't much compared to the $145,000 price of the car in the States, but it's a psychological thing, and salves the buyer's green conscience, and especially in America, allows the buyer to escape badgering by the eco nannies. plus of course, lowering the AMG V8's emissions so dramatically helps its US CAFE figure and its back in Europe potential to avoid CO2-based fines from the EU in 2012 onwards. that explain it?

Thanks mate , that now makes perfect sense, I didnt realise the tax benefits in the US, after all as you state, it probably the biggest single market for them.

Fred The Fiend 25 July 2010

Re: Mercedes CL63 AMG revealed

WheresMyElectricCar wrote:
So what is the point of the CL65 is the powered up CL63 is faster, lighter and more economical? Surely they might as well drop it now?

The V12 has always been reported as extremely smooth - turbine like - compared to the V8. There will always be a limited number of people willing to pay extra for a V12, even if it has no performance benefit. So long as there are enough buyers to justify the expense of development and manufacture, then Daimler will no doubt keep making it.