The 720S has gone through our road test process with imperious disregard for its norms.

In accelerating from rest to 60mph in less than 3.0sec and to 190mph from rest within a measured mile, in stopping from 70mph in less than 40 metres and in coming within a fraction of a second of smashing our all-time dry handling circuit lap record, it has shown itself to be a car of incredible, almost unprecedented speed and purpose.

Sufficiently complete and exciting to dominate rivals, and hugely fast

It’s the sort of car we’d have been delighted to call a ‘supercar’ in the original, decades-old sense – if that word hadn’t come to mean something slightly different today.

The 720S’s class-transcending performance comes combined with remarkable breadth of ability on the road (ride and handling that can be more supple, progressive, tactile and mild than any true rival), with excellent usability, too, and with more indulgent on-the-limit track handling than any McLaren we’ve known before.

That demands the ultimate recognition we can provide - and we’ll happily provide it. The Ferrari 488 GTB’s supercar-class reign is over – and what a way to end it. The McLaren has now taken the crown and lauds it over the 488, Ford GT, Lamborghini Aventador S and Huracan LP610-4.