3 May 2017

This is the new McLaren 720S, McLaren's Super Series sports car, which replaces the 650S and will go head-to-head with the Ferrari 488 GTB

And? And it has lots of power; some 720hp (710bhp) from its 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which drives the rear wheels via a seven-speed gearbox.

The 720S is 90% new inside and out, with a brand-new carbonfibre passenger cell, revised hydraulic suspension and an engine that's 200cc bigger and some 40% new inside.

Join Autocar's Matt Prior as we test the 720S on road and track, and give you a full technical run down of this world class supercar.

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3 May 2017
Apart from the headlight design and exhaust note.

3 May 2017
Designed and built in Britain: my heart just swells with pride. Bring it on Junker, you half-cut weevil.

3 May 2017
I think it looks bloody good apart from the headlights. I do however, think the 6745LT is better looking. Do like Matt Prior and his presenting style. He knows his subject matter and really enjoys what he does (git) and this comes across whenever he is driving a car without the histrionics of other testers. Great review

3 May 2017
.....So why not show us one of them....
That, aside it's a step on in the right direction.
Nice to see Mclaren putting thought and passion into their craft.

3 May 2017
Yes, the front is not the best looking and engine noise could have been better but it is a really convincing car. Seems more appealing to drive than any of the 918/P1/Laf and probably faster in most circumstances other than a drag race.

4 May 2017
You pay your money you make your choice,to me it sounds like an old Lotus Elan,and with these types of Car how they sounds matters just as much as how they drive.

24 May 2017
Former Ferrari engineer Emilio Scervo and his team did a great work for this car. I think Mc Laren also need some Ferrari or Mercedes engineers for F1 HONDA engine.

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